Sustainability, Farm-to-Table and Urban Farming

The Grey Plume has only been open for six months, but it has already earned a name for itself as the greenest restaurant in America. Even before the Grey Plume opened its doors in December 2010, it had already been rated the greenest restaurant in America by the Green Restaurant Association, based on a green rating system that the Grey Plume passed with flying colors. From local and sustainably-farmed seasonal food to upcycled wood floors and energy efficient appliances, Grey Plume has gone above and beyond in its quest to become environmentally friendly without sacrificing quality. 

Note: The Grey Plume was originally a three-star certified restaurant, but has since become the only four-star certified restaurant in the country. 

For more information visit the Grey Plume press page, particularly  ”12.09.2010 | OWH | A Big Helping of Sustainability”